“Sow seed at every opportunity. If you do this, you will have what you need to sustain you through the tough seasons. Many have forgotten this approach to harvest and blessing in their lives. What you sow you grow! Sow kindness, if that is what you are asking from others. When you plant, and/or water, … Continue reading SEIZE EVERY OPPORTUNITY

The Face of Glory

"Move up in glory. Don't wait for the next level of glory bc the glory is waiting on YOU! Be watchful that circumstances do not deceive you in how they appear. Seek me to see deeper into the spirit realm and to move into a new dimension of glory!" 2 Corinthians 3:18 says that all … Continue reading The Face of Glory

Weekend Word

"Don't get ahead of yourself, putting the 'cart before the horse.' If you do not lay a strong foundation before you begin to build, your growth will not be able to be sustained. Don't rush . . . timing belongs to Me."

Today’s Prophetic Word

I see you, says the Lord. I see your love, Your effort, your strength. You may feel that your voice isn't heard but I hear you. Clarity and focus with intentionality is necessary in this next season. Don't rush, but do push! The glory is Mine but you will have great gain!